de Speville and Associates Anti-Corruption Consultants
de Speville and Associates Anti-corruption Consultants

The Team

Bertrand de Speville

Since stepping down in 1996 as the Commissioner of the Independent Commission Against Corruption of Hong Kong (ICAC), Mr. de Speville has advised governments and international organisations on various aspects of anticorruption policy and practice. From 1997-2003 he was the adviser to the Council of Europe's Multidisciplinary Group on Corruption.

Bertrand de Speville

A lawyer by profession, he practised in the private and public sectors in London and Hong Kong and was Solicitor General of Hong Kong before being asked to turn his attention to corruption and good governance.

He is the author of 'Overcoming Corruption - The Essentials' (2010) ISBN 978-0-9564788-0-1.

He brings with him a team of experienced anticorruption fighters, most of whom served with him in Hong Kong:

Daniel Li was the ICAC's Direct of Operations

Eddie So Chuen Yee was the ICAC's Director of Community Relations. He has long experience of public integrity education and the development of public support and has advised the UNDP on public corruption perception and attitude surveys.

Thomas Chan was the ICAC's Director of Corruption Prevention

Peter Graham was the ICAC's Director of Intelligence and Support. He has a military intelligence and Russian interpreter background.

Peter Gregory has completed 25 years service with the Hong Kong ICAC as a Principal Investigator.

Daniel Cave is a community relations analyst who specialises in conducting corruption issues consultations of community opinion-formers.

Our team is experienced in the practicalities of implementing a clear, comprehensive and coordinated strategy against corruption which comprises investigation, prevention and education. We are supported by operational colleagues who bring specialist skills to bear on the separate elements of the strategy.


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